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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  October 6, 2010 8:00pm-9:00pm EDT

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thanks for having news your place tonight. we're back tomorrow for "studio b." noon pacific, 3:00 eastern. right back here for another fox report. right now, mr. bill, are you ready to go? >> "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight: >> your new tax plan is going to tax me more, isn't it? >> i think when you spread the wealth around it's good for everybody. >> bill: the ghost of joe the plumber is back. poll shows that working white americans are overwhelmingly anti-obama. how did that happen? dick morris and i will analyze. >> why did they arrest you guys? [speaking spanish] >> under the radar the obama administration is cracking down hard on criminal illegal aliens. deporting them in record numbers. homeland security chief janet napolitano will be here. i will ask her about the nikki diaz meg whitman case. did you know that dennis miller is helping sharron angle in a race against senator harry reid? why is miller doing that?
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>> ya da ya da ya da. >> bill: caution, you are about to enter not spin zone. the factor begins right now. >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. white working measures and president -- americans and president obama. a new associated press poll says that white working americans are now president obama's biggest nightmare. back in 2008, white voters without college degrees favored republican congressional candidates by 11 percentage points. but now according to the a.p. that figure has doubled. 58% of white working americans say they will vote republican in november. just 36% say they will vote democrat. so what the heck happened? first and foremost the economy is still very rough. workers are on edge. but minority workers are apprehensive as well. so there must be more to this. talking points believes it is
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the class factor. president obama and the democrats. simply not in scnc with white working class values. illegal immigration. ground zero mosque. religion and guns do not correspond with white working class precincts. unlike president reagan who also had trouble in his first midterm election mr. obama had separated himself from many blue collar working white people. simply because they see he doesn't understand them. talking points has advised the president many times that suing the state of arizona, failing to prosecute the black panthers who menaced the polling place in philadelphia, and criticizing the cambridge massachusetts police department, among other issues, were all things that could have been easily handled in other ways. but the president sees it differently. and has not reached out to white blue collar voters. the liberal media would have you believe that white working class americans are opposing mr. obama
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because of his skin color. that is a blatant lie. while there are bigots in every group it's the cultural disposition of the president that his problem now. by the way, if you are going to go the skin color route, what about the fact that 90% of african-americans continue to support mr. obama? any skin color in that? now, the liberal media ignores the cultural aspect of mr. obama's declining poll numbers because it, itself, looks down on white working class americans. for proof of that all you have to do is analyze the media's coverage of the tea party. losing white working class voters is a serious situation for any president but not a fatal one. if mr. obama could rally blacks, hispanics, and committed liberals to his cause and the democratic cause in great numbers, he might be able to retain power in november. but a new study from the pew hispanic center says about half of hispanic american voters might not show up in november. certainly bad news for mr. obama. in politics as in life, perception is reality.
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white blue collar voters now perceive the president does not think the way they do. and that is likely to be reflected in the november vote. and that is the memo. now for the top story tonight, dick morris continues to predict the big republican victory in november. he joins us now from west palm beach, florida. am i going wrong in my aanalysis of the blue collar precincts? >> not in the conclusion. but i think your reason something a little off. i don't think it's cultural in terms of the mosque and immigration and that stuff nearly as much as it is fiscal and economic. the amazing thing that's happened at the grass roots level in this country is that whereas it used to be dominated by social populace evan -- evangelicals and the like. the focused on the debt, the deficit, unemployment rate, obama care, not social issues. >> bill: let me stop you and challenge you on that. if that is true, then why are
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the minority blue collar workers staying with the president? because they are suffering probably more. the poverty rate is up. it's harder to get jobs for people who are ill-educated in this country. but they haven't bailed out on the president. so it's got to be cultural. >> well, no. blacks are for obama because he is black. >> bill: oh, come on. >> that's not cultural that's just racial. >> bill: every single african-american supports president obama because of skin color? i don't believe that. >> i think a white democrat would also get 90% of the vote. but there would be some disenchantment and now there is none among the black community. >> bill: i can't understand why there isn't. >> i think that latinos are moving away from obama. now, they are voting with their feet, not their hands because the pew study and others show that they are not likely to turn out and vote. but i think that the reason that the white working class is moving away from obama obama is far more economic, not in the
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sentence of unemployment, i'm going to lose my job, there is a recession, not that at all. but in the sense that they feel he doesn't believe in up yard mobility. he doesn't believe in working overtime and getting what you want. he doesn't believe in the american freedom. it's largely economic narrative not about abortion, gays, guns, and that kind of stuff. >> bill: i disagree with you there is a heavy duet component with emotional stories like the mosque. i mean my mail reflects all of this. yes, the economy is of great concern but the president is perceived now as just, look, every -- i'm a blue collar guy even though i'm wearing a green shirt tonight and i'm a rich guy, but i'm still that sensibility. you know that, morris. you know me. >> yes. >> bill: all of my friends who are all blue collar, most of them blue collar say the same thing. he doesn't understand me and he doesn't care about me. he doesn't understand what i do, why i do it, what i believe
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doesn't care, he doesn't get it that's what they said. >> but, bill, bear in mind that in all the campaigns throughout the country, the republican candidates are pushing deficit and economics and debt and obama care not mosques, social issues and that -- >> bill: that is true but obama is on the ballot this coming election. you know that. >> i want to make two other points before you throw me out of here. one is among hispanics that pew survey you cited asked them how important are all of these issues and 58 percent said education was extremely important. 54 percent said jobs. 51 percent said health care. 35 percent said the deficit. only 31% of latinos said immigration was extremely important issue. >> interesting. >> so the democrats have made a fundamental mistake in thinking they could get them back over
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immigration. >> bill: that's what that suing arizona thing was all about. >> the second thing i want to say is today is a very important day in the election cycle. it is the first day in 2010 that the republicans have a lead in 10 seats occupied by senate democrats, enough to take control. until now they have been tied, they have been behind. they have been growing. now they have a lead so much the leads are huge. 1 points ahead in arkansas and indiana. 12 points ahead in wisconsin 7 in pennsylvania. five in colorado. five in west virginia, which is extraordinary. four in illinois. three in nevada. sharron angle has opened up significant lead. >> bill: significant, 3 is not significant. >> no, but it's been tied for weeks, bill. reid has always had a 1 point or
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2 point lead. that's big. in the state of washington for the first time. dean awas is i the republican is now ahead of patty murray. is he doing a good job in answering her attacks. it's like you get first place and then you win all the games and nobody else has to lose. you just have to win. >> bill: morris, you are the guy. i said last night, it pained me to admit it, but you might be right because you were the first one one to say that the senate would go to the republicans and we'll see in four weeks. dick, as always, thank you. >> by the way, bill, every day now on my web site, dick, you can tune in and get an update on the election. >> bill: as if no one knew that, morris. as if you had to say that. everybody knows that. directly ahead, the head of homeland security janet napolitano will be here on the factor. illegal immigration in the spotlight. later, dennis miller helping sharron angle against harry reid. why is miller doing that? upcoming. ♪
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>> personal story segment tonight under the radar the obama administration has cracked down on criminal illegal aliens deporting them in record numbers in the fiscal year 2010 almost 400,000 illegals are sent home. half of them convicted of criminal activity here in the u.s.a. joining us now from washington the head of the homeland security department janet napolitano. madam secretary why has this policy been kept so quiet?
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i follow this issue as you know very very closely. you guys are deporting people in record numbers but that isn't really widely publicized. >> i know it is kind of interesting. but what we have done is focused on criminal aliens in the united states we have also focused on felony fugitives. we have installed secure communities in 600 plus jurisdictions around the united states. we think we'll have it universally available by 2013. and it allows to us prioritize and really remove from our communities aliens who have also committed crimes. >> bill: i'm going to ask you questions that my viewers ask me. >> sure. >> bill: yes, you are deporting them. can't they come right back across the border? isn't it easy to come in here because we do see criminals who have been convicted of crimes many many times and bang bang bang bang bang. >> kind of the yo-yo effect. here is the thing. first of all, some of them have
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committed crimes in mexico or central america. we turn them over to law enforcement. so they may may be prosecuted in mexico and central america, et cetera. secondly, we have insubstituted a number of programs where they are just not returned over the border repatrioted into the southern parts of mexico and makes returning all the more difficult. >> bill: how much is this costing the american taxpayer because we have got to pick up the tab to fly these people out of here? >> well, it does cost. but we think it's worth it we think it's worth it. >> bill: do you have a number how many billions of dollars a year you have to sphond get these people out of here. >> i would have to look it up for you. but i will tell you it is worth it. >> sure. >> bill: we would rather repatriot them so they don't keep coming back. >> bill: absolutely. do you seize their assets here in the u.s.a. if you are going to deport? say somebody is being deported and they have a house. do you seize the house to pay for the depoor -- deportation?
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>>. no here is what would happen. a state that's prosecuting this individual, if i f. they have grounds or the federal government may forfeit the house but that will go to the treasury not to us directly. >> bill: all right. because that should happen. any assets in the united states of any illegal alien caught committing a crime should be forfeited immediately. >> yeah, it would be nice, yeah, paying their way back. >> you know, i give the obama administration a lot of credit for this crack down. doing a lot more than the bush administration did. but, the public perception because of the lawsuit against arizona, in arizona pretty much doing what you are doing but they are doing it on the state level and it's a parallel thing and then you see holder go in to sue arizona. you in your department are aggressively trying to get these people out of here who are causing trouble. do you see any in con graduatey congruenty here? >> no. i was the governor of arizona and attorney general of arizona. i'm a little more familiar with the situation there.
8:16 pm
and there, there is a big difference between the federal government taking on its responsibility and taking the lead and prioritizing the criminal aliens and other aliens we want removed from our country versus a state striking out on its own. >> bill: it's protecting the people. >> well, at a base level, yes. but not, in fact, in terms of how you carry out the law. >> bill: all right. well, i still think that you guys could probably do this a better way. but you are not involved in the lawsuit. i want to make that clear. all right. now we have got to go to the nikki diaz situation. as you know she was illegal alien working for meg whitman running for governor of california for nine years. she comes out she had a bogus social security number and was employed for nine years. she lied to an employment agency in california. that's how she got to mrs. whitman's house in the first place. now, what is homeland security ice going to do about her? >> you know, i don't know the answer to that question. >> bill: shouldn't you know it madam secretary?
8:17 pm
you are in charge and this is a huge case. shouldn't you know the answer to that question? >> well, i will know it at some point but i don't know it right now. i think obviously this is ultimately a matter for california voters to decide in terms. >> bill: it's a federal matter. sure, the election between brown and whitman in california but this is a federal matter. and this is why it's important because this is the highest profile illegal alien situation that we have had here in this country for years. everybody is locked in on this woman. and i'm not taking editorial position. i'm not going to tell you what to do. that would be insulting and i wouldn't do that. however, the folks want to know what the federal government is going to do about this because it sends a message to all the other people using bogus social security cards that are hurting the country, madam secretary. >> indeed. and what i am saying is we don't have a decision made right now that i could tell you. but i can tell you this. i can tell you that our efforts over the past 19 months have resulted in more people being
8:18 pm
deported who have used bogus social security numbers who have criminal records who have committed crimes than in any other period in our nation's history. >> bill: you can assure my viewers, millions of people are watching all over the world now. you can assure them that the federal government will do something about this nicky situation? >> i will assure them that we will look at this very seriously. >> bill: and when you come to a conclusion, will you come back and tell us? >> yes. >> bill: all right. so now we have you on videotape, madam secretary. >> exactly. [ laughter ] >> bill: listen, i think you're doing the right thing here. and i wanted everybody to know it and it's a pleasure to have you on the program and any time you want to come on, you are welcome. >> thank you so much. >> bill: all right. in a moment, perhaps the most dishonest political ad we have ever seen courtesy of liberal zealot alan grayson. we will take him to task. later, dennis miller wants to weigh in on the gloria allred and meg whitman controversy in california. of course we will let him do that in a few moments.
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>> bill: in the impact segment tonight there is no question that political dirty tricks come from both liberal and conservative precincts but a recent political ad from far left loon alan grayson from florida is beyond the pale. his opponent in november is a man named daniel webster who recently said this about faith and family. >> find the verse. i have a verse for my wife. i have verses for my wife, don't pick the ones that say she should submit to me. that's in the bible. but pick the ones that you are supposed to do. so, instead, that you love your wife even as christ loved the
8:23 pm
church and gave himself for it. and as opposed to wives submit yourself to your own husband. she can pray that if she wants to but don't you pray it. >> bill: so obviously mr. webster is taking a general holistic approach to his wife and marriage. congressman grayson took that clip and turned it into this. >> religious fanatics try to take away our freedom in afghanistan, in iran, and right here in central florida. >> wives submit yourself to your own husband. >> daniel webster wants to impose his radical fundism on us. >> she should submit to me. that's in the bible. >> webster tried to deny battered women medical care and the right to divorce their abusers. >> submit to me. >> he wants to force raped women to bear the child. >> submit to me. >> taliban dan webster hands off our bodies and our laws. >> bill: joining us now from washington to react alicia menendez a senior advisor a liberal think tank. that's probably the most vile thing that i have ever seen. i don't think i have seen a
8:24 pm
worse political ad than that more dishonest political ad than that what say you? >> i think it's definitely over the top. it's definitely sensational but by the same token you have got to give it to him because i have seen him get more earned media off that ad. you just played it on national television. >> bill: you are a very loyal democrat and a fairly clear thinker which is why we have you on this program. would you cast a ballot for grayson after seeing that. >> i would rather cast a ballot for someone who has a tasteless ad than someone who has tasteless positions. >> bill: i could never vote for a person. >> so you would vote for daniel webster who would force a woman -- >> bill: well, i don't think mr. webster is forcing anybody to do anything. >> yes, he is yes, he is. >> bill: pro-life position. >> no, no, no, no, no. there is a difference, bill you and i agree there is a difference between a pro-life position and a position where a woman who is a victim of rape or incest cannot obtain an abortion. >> bill: you can have pro-life position and people can disagree and not vote for you and perhaps that position would cause people
8:25 pm
not to vote for mr. webster. fair enough. >> um-huh. >> bill: fair enough. >> because he would force a woman to -- >> bill: speaks to mr. webster's character. he believes what he believes and he says what he believes. this goes to grayson's character. >> i do think. >> bill: who who who, listen to me. this is important. >> okay. >> bill: this goes to this man's character is he is flat-out dishonest will do anything to get elected. i could never vote for for man like that no matter what party he was in under those circumstances. i would either stay home or vote for his opponent. alicia, i don't think you could vote for grayson. you would stay home or vote for the other guy. >> i could when you look at how extreme that webster is and the fact that i don't think that staying at home is an option for most voters. i gold to the poll. >> bill: you would put an issue over dishonesty. >> bill: not style it's character. honesty.
8:26 pm
>> another ad out just the facts it's a much more tasteful. much more substantive ad than the last one. >> bill: it doesn't matter. he did what he did. we had to expose it and he doesn't deserve to be sitting on capitol hill, period. >> do you think daniel webster does? because that's the other decision. >> bill: webster, i don't know the daniel in daniel webster. i don't know him. i don't care. >> that's the choice, bill. >> bill: people in orlando make their decision. but that was flat out dishonest by grayson probably the worst thing i have ever seen and i have seen tell. >> bill, i want to thank you. i do think it is good someone is fact checking these ads. there are a lot of ads that need to be fact checked. virginia district 2. >> bill: not as bad. >> please do. >> bill: do you think that was too tough on secretary napolitano on the. >> she is tough as nails. i like her. >> bill: like her and she is doing a good job with the deportation situation. nicky diaz is a huge story. i had to ask her about it she didn't seem to be prepared.
8:27 pm
>> 11 million people living in the united states without papers i don't think nicky diaz is as big a story as she is being made out to be. in addition, but i think you and i would agree with the bigger story is someone like nicky diaz right now should be facing immigration laws that make her learn english, make her pay those those back taxes. >> bill: she broke the law by using bogus social security number she has to pay a price for that. >> i agree. >> bill: she chose to inject herself into one of the highest profile political races in the country and the federal government can't let it go. they have to do something. >> i understand if i had five minutes with the secretary of the department of homeland security though i wouldn't be that worried about nick can canny diaz. she has half a million people coming in and out of this country that we're calling criminal illegal aliens. >> bill: i want her to define what it's going to do to people who use bowous social security numbers for nine years and inject themselves into a big
8:28 pm
political campaign. what are you going to do? allow it? >> shouldn't she be focused on some big comprehensive solution? >> bill: she can walk and chew gum at the same time. she has a big department. >> she does. >> bill: they have got to figure it out alicia. they can't let it go. >> you just got a promise from her. >> bill: all right. thank you very much. we appreciate it? >> thank you, bill. >> bill: another wild animal attack. a lion trainer badly hurt. [growling] [screams] >> bill: also ahead, dennis miller weighs in on the gloria allred-meg whitman illegal housekeeper situation. we hope you stay tuned to those reports. ♪
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>> bill: factor follow up segment tonight continue to scour the country for the best political ads as we saw in the grayson segment some are incredibly dishonest. author of the best selling book what americans really want, really dr. frank luntz joins us now. before we get to that that grayson thing is unbelievable. is it not. >> we tested it in california. all the time i have been doing it 450 ads in this election cycle alone, nothing tested as bad as that one. liberal democrats said this is unjust, uncalled for and i will tell you something, i want to make news on your show but there is some internal polling that's been done in that race since the
8:32 pm
ad came out that ad has dropped grayson 10 points. >> bill: he is in a dogfight now. >> he could easily lose. >> bill: he has got to lose down there. the folks can't reelect somebody like that. we ask to you select the best and worst of the season thus far. who did you have? how many people doing it? >> one of them is in california, one in florida a key state, swing state. first one the good ad is from ohio. the u.s. chamber of commerce has been very active in the campaign and they have done some of the best advertising across the country. >> bill: how many folks looked at this ad? >> 24 people. >> bill: in california. >> in california. >> bill: california? >> break down obama 14, mccain 10. swing voters and they looked at this ad and they said this is what i want to hear. >> bill: okay. roll the tape. >> ohio's unemployment's at a 27-year high and about the only thing growing is government. it's time for new ideas. rob portman has a plan to get ohio working again.
8:33 pm
immediately suspend the payroll tax, help small businesses expand and create good jobs. cut taxes, end the reckless spending, stop the job killing energy tax hike. tell rob portman to keep fighting for ohio jobs. paid for by the u.s. chamber of commerce. >> bill: so both sides like that ad and portman does lead pretty big in ohio, correct? >> in fact when that ad went on portman had a small lead and since that ad has been on it's surged itemizes specific. 27 years this is record unemployment. specific proposals from the senate candidate. and less government, less spending. >> bill: how many of the obama people. you said 14 of the obama people. how many like that ad? >> almost everybody. >> bill: really. >> because it transcends politics and ideology. what the american people are asking for -- >> bill: they want specifics things. >> not just negativity that comes smashing down. >> bill: all right. the worst ad that you have seen surprised me. it's the christine o'donnell ad. roll the tape.
8:34 pm
>> i'm not a witch. i'm nothing you have heard. i'm you. none of us are perfect but none of us can be happy with what we see all around us. politicians who think spending, trading favors, and back room deals are the ways to stay in office. i'll go to washington and do what you'd do. i'm christine o'donnell, and i approve this message. i'm you. folks in florida voted on that. but the republicans liked it? >> the republicans liked it. it's not the worst ad. she has a chance. she has energized the gras roots in a way that nobody else has. when she says i'm not a witch. when she begins that conversation it's embarrassment and you don't want to have that conversation. >> that's interesting. i thought it was a good ad and i thought that line got people's attention so they would listen to the rest of it you are saying
8:35 pm
it because it's a suspicious charge. she should ignore it? >> ignore it we are having this conversation about it right now because she said it. if you take that line out, it changes the entire dynamic. >> bill: i thought she came across as a real person in the end. >> not only is she is a real person she talked about i'm you. she used the words i get it three simple words, i get it i understand. i have been through what you have been through. i'm going to fight for you. that is stronger than the way she opened it and the way she closed it. >> bill: thought democrats you polled in florida about this ad, they didn't like the ad at all, no matter what she said. was that because they just don't like her? >> that's correct. and republicans think that she is great. but you can't win in delaware just by winning republicans. there is a message for the g.o.p. nationwide. it is not enough to win your base vote. you have to transcend politics. you have to transcend ideology. bill, the reason why the g.o.p. lost in 2006 and 2008 is because of states like pennsylvania, illinois, indiana, ohio, they
8:36 pm
lost the center of america. they all come back. dick morris in your earlier segment, they are coming back to the g.o.p. they come back based on economic conservatism. lower taxes, less spending, no waste. >> that's the drum they have got to pound. >> bill: no witchcraft? >> by the way if any of your people want to participate in any of these sessions all you have to go to s. go to the word >> bill: the word all right, frank. thank you very much. it will be miller time and that means many things, some of them good. tonight, miller inserts himself in the nevada senate race and he will comment on the whitman allred controversy. miller is next.
8:37 pm
8:38 pm
>> bill: thanks for staying with us.
8:39 pm
i'm bill o'reilly. in the miller time seeing the tonight miller time dennis miller in a race sharron miller helping -- in a race against harry reid in nevada. he joins us from los angeles. what are you doing out there, miller? are you at the bunny ranch? what are you doing? >> well, billy, on april 19th, 2007, harry reid achieved bone head amerit tus status in my eyes when he said the war is lost. when we have got kids on the ground in a conflict. he has been up on the hill since they had lat as it lat tis work. dry lent. every time he opens his mouth you could blend paint colors in my mouth. i decided when i was in vegas performing at the orioles i would go over and meet this angle dame and do a fundraiser for her. >> she was on the factor.
8:40 pm
i thought she did pretty well. do you know anything about her? are you putting yourself out in case something comes out that might not be, you know, what you want? >> could i live my life like that? i have moved in with sharron angle and time shared for a couple years? no. do i know that she cares about floor ride in water? no is he an idiot and he has to go because he is elm blemmatic of how deep the crapper this country is? yes. let's try her for a while. if she is a whack job, get her out. i met her. she seems like a nice dame. he has got to go. >> bill: this wasn't so much about sharron angle. this is about your loathing of senator reid? >> she was a sweet -- billy, i'm going to bet squares this time around. i'm a square. i'm not going to bet the swells. i'm not going to bet the intelligenceia. she was a nice decent woman nice enough to have me there. i liked her. she reminds me of all the squares in my life who i met ohio liked. i'm sick of professional guys like reid. is he a hack. i hope on november 2nd the
8:41 pm
electric goes through that cat like a side through ky jelly. i'm going to watch all my enemies brought to heal. it's time to take back the countries from these pros because they are running it into the ground. she is a decent dame. i don't know everything about her. >> bill: i think you have made your case fairly persuasively. >> let's go to meg whitman and illegal alien housekeeper and gloria allred. you heard the interview with secretary napolitano. what say you? >> i say that i'm impressed that you can differentiate between napolitano and frank luntz and that's why you are hosting the show and i'm not. >> bill: why the similarity between luntz and napolitano? >> because other than bobby golds burrow there has been no other human beings in the planet who have shared that hairstyle other than luntz and napolitano. >> bill: i didn't know where you were going with that i got the
8:42 pm
baptism thing but the hair cut situation did not really get it until you crystallized it for me. all right. now -- >> -- it's the same do. >> bill: do you want to discuss nicky diaz and allred's hairstyle or do we want to get into the substance of the matter. >> well, let's get into the substance of the matter here. billy, we are losing jobs out here in california like a party clown with tourette's syndrome and we have got a border that's now festival seating. and you know something? we have got to get serious about these issues. now, to me, whitman did everything she could. she went with an agency. she asked for a legal. the woman signed papers. i don't know what the problem is here except this diaz woman -- listen, when somebody sneaks across the desert in the middle of night to help feed their family back home they have got my heart strings. when they cop somebody else's social security number to help them do that the other person has my heart strings. she shouldn't have did that. she should go right now, i think. i don't have an axe to grind with her you can't take people's
8:43 pm
social security numbers. that's egregious behavior in my eyes. >> bill: did it with whitman brown and allred inserting herself. some people say look, it's going to hurt whitman. hispanics are not going to vote for her. other people say backlash know it's a set up. how do you see it? >> if this whole country has come down to race politics then everybody is going to vote exactly who they are, we are lost anyway. listen, billy, i will give you the high sign. it will be like the sting. i'll come into the factor one day and go like this and you will know it's hit the fan and it's over. we have got to do something. i cannot assume that every mexico can out here is going to vote for every other mexican just because they are mexican or i live in mexico co-and guess what we are all going to leave to new mexico. we have got to start voting on people who use their head. whitman looks like somebody who uses their head than jerry brown next -- he has been on the government teeth for entire 72 years. listen, grasshopper, get out there and get a job for god's
8:44 pm
sake, mr. mystical. >> bill: oh, yes, indeed. all right. now, solar panels. in the white house. good or a bad thing? >> well, listen, i have been watching for the last 20 months. they have been running on empty wind power down there. they want to try solar panels so, what? i think we need a little sunlight. some of those back room dealings down there in the new white house. i will tell you, this billy, they could hook up every appliance to the rickety technology to solar panels i will delaware tee you there is one hooked up at the turbine at the base of the hoover dam. teleprompter is he not going to leave that to sun power. >> bill: you are saying the president is not going to rely on solar power to generate the teleprompter in his speeches. that will be fossil fuel. >> listen, it goes behind a cloud, he goes from being the second coming to a another mid
8:45 pm
level government hack at that place. he can't trust the shade down there. >> bill: that's right. well, maybe he will do a weather forecast. do one of these things. all right. it's an interesting ploy. >> i don't trust solar panels. what happens if the sun blows up and destroys the solar system as we know it and i can't use my george foreman grill to prepare meals for my family and and the ones, huh? >> bill: let me get back to you. dennis miller, everybody. there he is. everybody's best friend except for harry reid. by the way dennis miller is our featured interview for premium members this week. if that doesn't make you sign up, nothing will. maybe, however, this promotion for each new and renewed premium membership we are we we sending mp 3 player. miller loves this. be a patriot and sign up for premium membership on bill o' did you see that on deck. lions attack their trainer.
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>> bill: back of the book segment tonight, did you see that starring some angry lions and a ruiz on the internet involving a homeless claim and the muppets. roll the lion. [growling] [screams] >> oh no. [screams]
8:50 pm
>> bill: here now to analyze that was in europe some place. >> ukraine. it's not the ukraine. i dated a lion trainer for two years. >> bill: roy and siegfried? he got hurt, too who? >> the guy that i dated? >> bill: was seeing greed signature -- siegfried and roy got hurt? >> it doesn't matter. gave me an excuse to call him. he basically said a lot of the audience was freaking out. concerned that the lions were going to escape because you could see there was a net as the audience members were calling it actually airplane cable, steel, very durable and no chance the lions would leave. >> bill: look at this poor guy. >> the poor guy the trainer messed up according to the expert. >> bill: what happened to the trainer who messed up? >> how did he mess up? he went into surgery. >> bill: what happened. >> i'm telling you stable
8:51 pm
condition. they took a chunk out of his arm. he is in stable condition. you don't know what that means in ukraine. >> bill: this is going to raise again why the circus tortures these animals because that's what they do. they train them and all of that but i have some sympathy for the animals being put in this kind of position. they are not supposed to be. this is not what nature intended obviously. i don't want anybody to get hurt. i think that debate will continue. so the guy who got hurt, the trainer -- >> -- he is doing okay. >> bill: he made a mistake. >> he made a mistake. when the lion first went after him the lion initially kind of backed up for a second and almost being subminute. that's when the guy went in and poked him. that's according to the experts that was big screw up. >> bill: the guy is in stable condition in ukraine. >> you are really concerned about him. >> bill: kinder about anybody that's that gets gored by a lion. what's wrong with you? >> a lot, bill. >> bill: we would have to have 15 did you see that to get through it. i have another video. this is on the internet. and it's a reuse.
8:52 pm
keep that in mind. roll it ♪ under pressure ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> so cute. >> bill: i know. they are adorable. this is a homeless thing? what exactly are they trying to do here. >> they are trying to raise awareness for the plight of the homeless. men, women and children dealing with the economy and lost their homes. this guy, supposedly everybody -- he must be a homeless guy. you could see a thing in the
8:53 pm
background there something that a homeless person would make. this guy turns out was a performer. he was trying to raise awareness. he has been down and out before. he thought this was a cute way to do it. i love it i love my kermy. >> you think this is effective way to get sympathy for homeless people. >> what it essentially does is provides a link. gives you a link and you can go to a web site that tells you how not to give money to homeless people but how to help homeless people. >> bill: go to the web site and watch the song and puppets then they say go to this web site for more information about homeless and how to help them. >> without giving them money. volunteer at a shelter. >> bill: very confusing situation. the whole thing was confusing. >> you seem to be upset about this guy. >> bill: i'm not upset. if you are trying to help somebody that ought to be clear and quup front and it wasn't. that's why we hired you to come in and explain it and i'm glad it has a happy ending unlike the lion thing. >> he is in stable condition. >> bill: prince charles on the spotlight. you can vote on his p and p
8:54 pm
status. right back with the prince. what? they think you're a businessman, using our house to meet new clients in china. for reals, player? [ woman saks chinese ] they overheard a phone call. speaks chinese ] something about shipping with fedex to shanghai. and then you opened a bottle of champagne. that was for a science project. [ man and woman speaking chinese ] i'm late for..occer... rehearsal. [ man speaks chinese ] you and i are cool? i'll be home by curfew. [ male announcer ] we understand.® you need a partner who can help you go global. fedex.
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>> bill: pinheads and patriots in a moment. tonight starring prince charles. first thank you to sams, wal-mart, target other big chance who are selling my book at a furious pace. for those of you thinking ahead if you want signed copies personalized for christmas they are on if you buy my book there you get a free tote bag, a zippered bag. they tell me that's big. so lease check he it out. now to the mail. frank: bill, your solution to charge the homeowner for the expense of putting out a fire at his house if he didn't pay the firefighter fee was brilliant. sometimes stossel can be a pinhead. frank: stossel is wrong
8:57 pm
when firefighters stop being public servants. not assisting is unamerican. i leak that, signed copy of pinheads and patriots on the way. lisa: as an educator i've seen parents blame teachers for the laziness of their children. we are living in the age of entitlement lisa. craig: bill, wise up, nicky diaz will not be deported she will probably be given her own reality show. we'll see. donna: o'reilly, i moved your book to the top shelf, you are welcome. we are aware of that bookstore donna, thank you. this is what i'm going do. there's a barnes & noble down the street, i know church because he was raised there. friday october 15th, i'm going to be at that barnes & noble, 7 p.m. to sign pinheads and patriots because the border's store annoyed me i hope you
8:58 pm
can make it. thomas: the book is outstanding even the check-out lady said it was the best she read in a long time. >> the free mp3 for the troops is a great idea. the soldiers will listen and pass it on. i hope so. my publisher and operation shoe box in florida are making the promotion happen. we like it a lot. finally pinheads and patriots. when we last left p and p there was this. ♪ ♪ ♪ left the buckle pull free appear release. >> bill: 62% said the flight attendant was a patriot for that routine. 38% she was a pinhead. i think she is a patriot.
8:59 pm
the more fun we can have on the airlines which are usually torturing us, is a good thing. tonight more dancing. this time from prince charles. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> bill: not exactly michael jackson. is the prince a pen head or patriot for the umbrella exposition? please cast your vote on it does take a little guts to do that. want know what you think. check out the fox news factor website different from spout off about the factor o'reilly@ when writing the factor the word of the day, do not be churlish. please remember,


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